Easter in Syros

Spring is a unique experience on Syros Island. Watch the video to see yourself how our island looks like during spring.
Locals are big believers in traditions & Syros is the best place to experience the Mystical Easter It is the only island in Greece and one of the few places in the world where they celebrate Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter at the same time. Usually, Catholic Easter is celebrated a week before its Greek counterpart. In Syros, Catholic Easter is pushed out to coincide with whatever day the Orthodox calendar celebrates. Every Easter the locals keep all their customs and traditions, while the Catholic and Orthodox Church holds Epitaph processions in Ermoupoli, with Miaouli Square as the meeting point.It is a tradition that is centuries old and has sealed the harmonious synchronicity of the two Churches. Every day prior to Easter, daily rituals are performed. Here in Syros, Holy Week really means Holy Week.