Read about the beautiful capital of Syros, Ermoupolis, and the history behind it.

Ermoupolis is the capital of Syros and took its name from the first inhabitants of the city in honor of the ancient god of commerce Mercury.
Ermoupolis was established in 1821 by refugees arrived from Kassos island, Crete and Asia Minor. Ermoupolis grew rapidly and became the most important port in the eastern Mediterranean. In 1823 there was founded the first hospital in Greece and in 1833 Ermoupolis became the capital of the prefecture. The first gymnasium in Greece was inaugurated from Neophytos Vamvas.

Shipping yards were created in Ermoupolis while commerce and banking industry were flourishing as well . The city bloomed until the late 19th century when it numbered more than 30,000 residents.
Today Ermoupolis has 13,000 inhabitants and is the center of the island. State departments (Courts, Municipality, Customs, etc) are available in town and you can find shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, café, etc. Social life is vibrant in Ermoupolis, exhibitions, events , seminars , sporting events , theatrical and film performances are performed all year round.

The city splits in several neighborhoods, each one with its own character.
Psariana in the Church of the Assumption, slightly above there are Pefkakia, Neapolis  Taxiarchis and Xirocambos are popular neighborhoods on  the road that leads to Ano Syros.
The Vaporia is the aristocratic neighborhood of the town with stately mansions breaking beautiful views. When the atmosphere is clear, you can spot Mykonos island from there .
Dili, at the top of the hill, Lazareta is the area around the old building of Quarantine and Vrontadowith  the Church of the Resurrection .

Useful phones
Municipality of  Ermoypolis : +30 22810 82500
Airport : + 30 22810 81900
Bus Station : +30 22810 82575
Port Authorities : + 30 22810 88888
Taxi : +30 22810 84222 82575