Syros is the administrative centre of Cyclades, thanks to the advantageous, natural port, fact that has rendered Syros in the past as the main harbour of Greece. Syros is very close to Athens and the combination of culture and relaxation that offers make it the ideal destination. Syros has a unique landscape with the biggest town Ermoupoli built amphitheatrically with neoclassical buildings and old mansions. Syros is unlike any other island in Cyclades with great hotels and so much to see and do.

Geography of Syros
Syros spans an area of 102,4 sq. km. with a total population of 19.782 residents. The islands closer to Syros are Tinos on the northeast and Mykonos on the east.

History of Syros
Syros has been settled for first time during the 3rd millennium BC. Syros has known a period of prosperity in Hellenistic and Roman era as it is proved by the coins that were found in excavations that took place mainly at the 19th century. In the 13th century, Syros devolves to the Venetians, who found the settlement of Ano Syra, on one of the two hills of current Ermoupoli. Since then, Ano Syra was distinguished as one of the Roman Catholic settlements of Greece. During the Greek Revolution Syros gave asylum to the refugees from other parts of Greece who settled on the foothills of Ano Syra, near the harbour, where they founded the city of Ermoupoli.

Sightseeing on Syros
The Town Hall of Syros has been designed by the architect Ernest Ciller and due to this special architecture it has been characterized as National Historical Landmark and is a protected settlement. In the same region there are the Intellectual Centre, the Municipal Library and the Municipal Theatre Apollo which is considered to be a copy in smaller scale of the Italian “La Skala” of Milan. Posidonia, is another name of Delagratsia, that has been a holiday resort for the sovereigns of the 18th and 19th century, where mansions and neoclassical houses were built. Posidonia is still a very popular summer resort with many hotels.

Local Products of Syros
There is a big tradition here in Syros, in making ‘loukoumia’ delights made of gel with aromas and nuts. Try also the famous ‘halvadopites’ fresh nougats in small pie shape.

Getting to Syros
By ferry or catamaran boats departing from Pireaus Port in Athens.

Best time to visit Syros
You can visit Syros anytime of the year, but preferably from April till October.

Useful Phone Numbers on Syros
Police: +30 22810 96100
Tourist Police: +30 22810 22610
Port Authorities of Syros: +30 22810 88888
Airport: +30 22810 81900
Local Buses Services: +30 22810 82575
Hospital: +30 28210 81811